Saturday, March 8

WORN | Everyday Situations

There is a cardinal sin in blogging.

And I committed it.

*enters the confessional*

"Forgive me for I have sinned."

"What is it, my child?"

"I have not blogged for a month."

"Hmmm.....give but one admission and your sin shall be absolved."

"I have Jason Momoa as my screen saver and love 'Aerosol Can'?"

"Well, A, you can't count for that is two admissions but B, consider them shameful enough to go with your conscience clear."

"Cheers neff."

Just another day, cutting through the carpark to get to the dairy quicker - they have Reeses Peanut Butter Cups, the best homemade Russian Fudge and this random sugar-laden soda that's only a buck a can but tastes like a troppo holiday in your mouth. 

But they still don't sell that crap bubblegum with a collectible card series.

Lame - lose two points.

wearing: Glassons sweat, ASOS boots, Le Specs eyewear and flared scuba skirt from Choies.

Sunday, January 26

WORN | Everyday Situations

Consider this post a time waster, an exercise in narcissism or perhaps just some half assed attempt by me to get some momentum in actually blogging with regularity in this, the Year of Our Lord, 2014.

Because it ain't really a form of inspirational outfit post.

There. I said it.

Welcome to my Everyday Situations.

Oh yeah, and I'm Stage 1 blonde.

wearing: Vintage Armani denim jacket, old Commoners_Alike tee, Witchery leather shorts, Le Specs eyewear and cut out hi-tops from Number One Shoes.

Saturday, January 25

ADDITION | Eyelash Lace Slip

The simplest of shapes seem to lend the easiest day-to-day wearability with no boundaries or limitations on where or how they can be worn woven into the fabric.
Don't get me wrong - there is always a time and place for outfit 'complications' but I prefer to add these at my leisure using the garment as the building block to whatever vision I have for myself at that given time. 

This midi length 90's-esque slip dress does just that, letting me decide if it's a femmebot day or an anti-fit day with the addition of a chunky knit and boots, the anchoring of a sneaker and waist knotted shirt or the wearing of fine jewellery, strappy heels, a caped jacket and a slick of lipstick.

Summer will go, winter will come and this dress will be there through the phasing seasons as an absolute staple - plus, it's currently on sale and will hardly break the bank at just over the $20NZD mark. For those of you who aren't down for that midi action, there's a mini version too.

Get in on it!

Bat Those Lashes on Make A Gif

Saturday, January 11

WORN | Stage 1 Blonde - The Prequel

If you thought my first post for 2014 would be some epic mastery of words taking all that was 2013 and delivering it to you in a succinct and profound synopsis which then led to an equally insightful and inspiring speech of what 2014 would/could/should hold if only you believed in yourself... obviously don't know me at all.

Here's me in some clothes -pre Stage 1 blonde aka ginger ninja.

Fashion Westie on Make A Gif

If that shit makes your eyes a little sore...

wearing: Number One Shoes sunglasses, DIY crop shirt from Kmart mens dept., Nike bum bag, Glassons edt. trouser and Cheap Monday boots. 

Maybe 2014 will hold more informative posts.

Or not.

Friday, December 13

WORN | Mâ on Mâ on Mâ - All White Situations

If you don't know what mâ is click here.

If you do, you must be a kiwi - good for you.

This all white situation came about after some feedback that I was an uber-douche for championing all black for summer and it was something that I should rectify. [Like I really cared and as if I would drop my commitment and enjoyment to an all black sitch.]

However just to clarify people, at the minute, as long as it's mono [the non colour scheme, not the disease] - I'm on it like a fly on shit.

Le Specs 'Runaways' eyewear, Kmart mens hoodie, Glassons edt. silk tee, Lonely Lingerie 'Lace Galloon' bra

Now let's korero about this outfit - I'm still enjoying that plastic skirt, that silk tee, that eyewear and that orthopaedic footwear. 

And it's also rather clear that I'm still avoiding that hairbrush.

ASOS midi skirt and Number One Shoes 'Avrily' sandal

Being a native is the new tits, so start researching that family tree and see if you can join the cool kids.

Saturday, December 7


wearing: Lonely Lingerie 'Lace Galloon' bra, old sheer shirt, Le Specs eyewear and Glassons beanie.

There's only one way to dress for summer for me - suffering under the weight of non-colour, layers and awkward stares.

Summer is not my favourite season. 

I don't like tanning [it's built in people, I'm a native], I strongly despise the beach [nakedness and sweaty, wet bodies make me uncomfortable] and I suffer from headaches and blood noses should I find myself too long under the summer sun.

And I'm a Leo - the zodiac mystics that be denote that I am practically born of the sun.


I often find that Kiwi summers are so damn hot the sartorial choices are limited to a 2x garment + 3x accessory maximum* [not counting your grundies]. Being forced to strip back that far does not sit well with me at all.

So I load up on the roll-on deodorant and change to lighter weight fabric choices to keep my recipe of dressing intact and my body hidden.
wearing: Neuw 'Marilyn' jeans, Mulberry 'Bayswater' bag and ASOS 'Apprise' boots.

As a side note: let's discuss that shirt. It's old. It's from Supre back in 2007. Yeah, you heard right, Supre. I paid about $5 for it. I lost that shirt amongst the numerous house moves we have endured. Then I found it bundled up inside a box of paperwork. Then I nearly chucked it in one of those charity clothing bins. Then I thought how I was currently hunting for  a decent sheer shirt. Then I figured I liked the self stripe and web-like texture. Now I wear it with a mix of shame, pride, triumph and fear of nipple slips.

*1. top, shorts, eyewear, sandals, hat
  2. dress, bikini, tote, jandals, hat
  3. bikini, shorts, eyewear, hat, coconut water.
  4. skirt, get the idea.

Sunday, December 1

ADDITION | ASOS Apprise Leather Boots

I need another pair of black leather boots like I need a hole in the head.

But at last count, I only have 7 if you include the tear ducts and 11 if you count the piercings. Plus, I hate odd numbers, I think they're unlucky and I could do with a nose piercing.

So long story short, I do need another hole in my head and therefore these boots are justified.

I was in love with the simplicity of the Acne 'Free' boots and it had enough points of difference to be a style I needed to add into rotation - pointed toe, cuban heel, super high ankle-y bit. But I could never fund the acquisition if you gave me 5 damn years to save, so I went for the ASOS 'Apprise' and I can already see the boundless opportunities to crank these out as a perfect solid anchor to flimsy summer slips and borderline indecent shorts.

I think a resole to lengthen the wear might be a worthwhile investment because I can see these boots will be more on than off, developing that perfectly worn in look to the leather.

ASOS 'Apprise' leather chlsea boot.

Piping detail

Cuban heel and high ankle-y bit.

Saturday, November 23

WORN | Grey + Bumbags + Slides

Stinking hot, sweaty and sticky - this ain't some erotic fiction people, this is just Auckland weather.


I'm no fan of summer as you long time readers may know - I like layers, I like cold, I like it miserable. Summer means 'too hot to give a f@#k' and that's not my preferred way to roll.

However, one cannot control Mutha Nature [see what I did there?] so one must play by her goddamned rulz.

Loose dresses. Sunglasses. Sandals.
Le Specs eyewear.
Chuck in a bumbag for those essentials ladeez.

wearing: ASOS dress, Nike bumbag from Rebel Sport, 'Avrily Sandal' from Number One Shoes.