Monday, November 3

WORN | Culottes + Fedora + Lace Up Heels

Trends may come and trends may go - culottes will no doubt be the latter - but black will forever be.

For me, the affinity with wearing black, rain or shine, has little to do with it's proposed 'slimming' properties [it is dependent on shape, fit and texture] and more do to with ease, that chic feeling black encapsulates, a toughness colour can't deliver and the mere fact that cheap black is rarely discernible from expensive black. It will never be discarded from my wardrobe.

Now culottes are a micro trend that may very well end up on the "WTF??!!" pile. If you haven't culotted since school, want to stay stylistically current and are enthralled at the idea of acting unladylike this summer, legs splayed at every opportunity, then I highly suggest picking up a cheap pair - don't be fooled into laying out big ducats on a designer pair knowing next season you'll still be paying off the interest yet trying like shit to sell them on eBay for 1/8th of the price because you are over it. Try chain stores, online, blogger recommends - whatever floats your boat, just know that breaking into the higher 3 digit retail price points is an exercise in stupidity no matter what the magazines and hierarchy say. 

This is not to say that if you discover culottes are your thing and they develop into your signature piece like a skinny jean is to a Parisienne that you should not indulge. By all means, if that is the case, indulge and own it.

I like the look and the idea of culottes - that mix of anti-fit, uber uncoolness and not worrying about flashing my bits whenever, wherever and however I sit this summer while still feelin' breezy pleases me and my sartorial sensibilities. The eternal struggle I have over feeling 'like me' in skirts whether mini, midi or maxi is overcome with culottes as they are like a tomboy take on the feminine silhouette. I still obsess over this Acne pair and the popular image of how this worked in reality but I'm not yet convinced I should invest anything more than pocket change to the trend. I've picked up* a few pairs over the past couple of years for under the $20 mark in staple tailored black, a slouchy white and a boxy denim that should do me just fine until the return of the culotte is over and it returns to the schoolyard.

My advice is to try different shapes, lengths and fabrics to find the type that suits you best and keep thinking 2014 - we don't want to absentmindedly stray into the retirees favourite 3/4 slacks territory now do we. Wear them with anything you would have paired a skinny jean with - trust me, that rule of thumb works. Honest. I wore this exact combo on Sunday. With skinny jeans.
wearing: Cotton On fedora, Portmans biker, culottes, old tee, Number One Shoes  'Toorak Dress' lace up heels.

*I have a method that seems to work a treat - 
1/ Pick up on a super repulsive micro trend: the uglier or more absurd, the better.
2/ Scour online sites and local chain stores for the "too early" releases. Add items to 'Save For Later' and 'Wishlists' and subscribe to reduction alerts. Keep note of stores and revisit fortnightly.
3/ Wait for the massive reductions when it doesn't sell because no one in their right mind would ever buy it at full retail. 
4/ Hold onto it for a year. 
5/ Whip it out when everyones clammering to get in on that shit. 
6/ Act smug.

Monday, October 20

WORN | Dress + Jeans + Rubber Chucks

They were launched as perfect festival footwear and the slickest way to make tracks through winter, able to deflect rain, mud and whatever grimey nasties flung themselves your way. Your person and its cloth appendages would've required serious deep cleansing at some stage but your feet would be one swipe away from box fresh. 

Too easy.

And the above is truth.

[Get thee to a NY festival and go nuts. Take these, a tee, undies and shorts. Flirt your way to borrowing the rest. Done.]

But what I've happily discovered is the Converse Chuck Taylor All Star Rubber can easily be an everyday, rain or shine, urban jungle grime repelling footwear option that inserts itself rather nicely into the footwear rota.

Slick in looks and as comfortable as the canvas option, the terry lining actually makes these feel more smooth on my foot when short or sans socking it and even though they are structured - hey, it is moulded rubber people - I don't feel clumpy. I'm awkward enough, I don't need another hindrance.

Although I received* these some time ago, I wanted to make sure they were actually put through their paces. What could I say about a shoe in a box? Not bloody much. But after wearing them for some time doing parental, mundane, weird, visit-y and shopping-y type stuff, I'm stoked mostly by how fucking clean they still look followed super closely by how comfy they are. I can also vouch that yes, you're feet do stay dry after jumping in puddles but your clothes will be fucked. Jumping activities should be engaged in after all errands are concluded. 

Excitedly for me [and possibly those with cool kid nieces and nephews] they come in kid options of red, pink and black [why no white tho...dang?]  - so the issue of trying to merge function and style is now solved because FACT: Traditional gumboots for kids are lame and these rubber chucks are not.

Another FACT: You'd be more likely to pass dress code at da club in these than the original version.
wearing: Just Jeans leather biker, Moochi 'Jes' dress [here], Neuw jeans, The Warehouse beanie and Converse All Star Rubber Chucks [here and here

Available in black, white, red or navy for about $120NZ you should cop some summer/winter/whenever.

[*product supplied by Converse]

Friday, September 26

WORN | Coats + Stripes

There are some givens with the change of seasons that just grind my gears.

The 'Season Change' Cold - SCC

It sucks.

It's inevitable.

You can load up on immunity pumpers if you enjoy haemorrhaging money.

They do not work.

The Changing of the Skin.

What happened to your face?

Spring, my friend, with it's unruly havoc wreaked on your skin via temperamental weather.

There is no mercy shown, even for the most regimental skincare routine.

The Guesstimate Wardrobe.

What to wear, what to wear....?

Who knows?

You will most definitely make an inappropriate choice causing others around you to question your nous.

Consult the mystic, ask Siri, pretend your bf/bff/gf/tindermate is paying attention to your "This? Or this? Do you reckon it will get sunny? Will it rain?" routine but with the knowledge this will not assist you any more than a call centre based in Timbuktoo.

What to do then?

My advice?

Just get dressed and accept the consequences whether you hit or miss.

Wear a dress and a coat. 

Ditch coat when hot.

Don coat when cold.

Hide blotchy face under brim of fedora.

wearing: Thrifted coat, old striped dress from The Warehouse, Dotti fedora, old sneaker wedges from Number One Shoes and bag from Kmart.

Monday, September 15

WORN | Blazer + Jeans + Heels

Before you all go HAM about the basic nature of this combo, gesticulate wildly at your screen or mobile device stating to all and sundry, "What the ACTUAL F**K??!"


I am already well aware.

But I'm putting it up anyway.

Because it's my blog.

And basic is still a positive descriptive thing when it comes to outfits.

As opposed to this.
wearing: The Warehouse beanie, Le Specs eyewear, Tibi silk cami, Glassons blazer, Neuw 'Marilyn' denim, Number One Shoes 'Marlowe Dress' heels and Cotton On pouch.

Though I may have sung praises about these jeans and they have served me well, I also recognise when it's time to replace your staple black skinny and transform your old faithfuls into a DIY'd grungey, slashed knee version of it's former self. 

As far as I'm concerned you need three pairs of black skinny jeans to survive:

  1. All Day Every Day Every Way pair which nips, tucks, lifts and makes you look smooth as f**k on the reg.
  2. The DIY grungy pair for laid back days or cool kid nights and your evidence you give a s**t about the planet by not participating in throwaway fashion but evolving fashion.
  3. The Statement pair - leather panels, wax coating, sequins, lacing, moto detailing, zips, bells, whistles, removable butt flaps - whatever floats your dinghy and could possibly wear you if you weren't such a slick MF. 
I have No.3 [a great fitting wax coated pair from Federation], No.1 is now No.2 [DIY yet to be actioned] which means I am now advertising a vacancy for No.1's replacement.
Now here is where s**t gets real. I need the position filled rather quickly but I don't want to panic buy either. My preference for heavy denim with minimal stretch, low elastane mix and the right pocket placement means walking away with the right pair can take MONTHS. I actually found the best cut jeans in the little boys section of Kmart - the fabric quality is sub par but at $12, they're great for work/play in the meantime and when I'm done, my son can use them.

The journey ahead is a long and arduous one so I'm thinking I'll attack Levis first as they have always been a favourite and I know the brand like the back of my hand but if you have recommendations, leave me the 411 below!