WORN || Grey Knit + Dress

It seems that when I step outside the personal style box, I will flog that concept until the crowds cry, "ENOUGH!"

Like that girl who went overseas for 6 nights and came back with an accent for 6 weeks [we all knew one], sometimes exposure to something a little different can result in an obsession to recreate it at every opportunity. It's human nature. If I don't have a problem with it, nor should you.

I can't say that skirts or dresses are my thing but since donning the dowdy midi I've been more confident in trying other dust collectors from the wardrobe. For me, styling girlish items in a masculine lean or the least sexiest way I can imagine means I no longer feel self conscious, that I'm more comfortable and by proxy, much more confident #winning. 

Besides, legs like #kauristumps

This may come across as familiar, odd or like I have serious issues [of which you may be right] but since passing my 'prime' where others potential judgement held strong influence over my sartorial choices, I no longer give a shit. 

If I want to wear shapeless, oversized, sheer, tailored, high cut, low cut, short, long, dowdy, structured, masculine, boxy - I'll opt for whatever I feel on that given day and roll with it.

And that is my point. Trends, fads, fashion, style, self imposed rules all mean jack shit - just do you, be you, that day, at that time. There are no rules. You can change your mind on a whim. You can make declarations one day and take them back the next. 

It's just clothes.

It's your right.

Do you feel right?

Then it is right.
Knit - Cotton On, 1.5yrs / Dress - Silence Was..., 1.5yrs / Bag - Kate of Arcadia, 2yrs / Boots - Number One Shoes - 1.5yrs / Timepiece - The Fifth Watches, first drop / Eyewear - Annah Stretton, 1yr 

WORN || Duster Coat + Knit + Skirt

It goes without saying that life is full of hypocrisy and I suffer under the weight of it more often than not. 

I should learn to think before I speak. 

However, life is also too short to dwell on our trips, slips and falls and I have better things to do [like double tap into cramping territory on Insta] than berate myself over my verbal follies.

When it comes to the notion of personal style, hypocrisy is as common as "It" trends and the necessity of eating your own words occurs on a daily basis. What was once alien in design and not worth consideration at $7.99 off the bargain rack becomes the *face palm* moment of all time [read: this week] as you clamour back days later to find it has sold out. It's gone and so was your opportunity to gloat you were ahead-of-trend. Poor you.

I've no doubt stated to all and sundry that, "I don't do skirts!" and yes, it's fucking obvious that I have and of course, that I will - especially since there are around 5x in my closet. I just don't like the girly connotations and struggle to drop them into rotation and still feel like me.

In this instance, I switched a skirt into the uniform template where there was once a trouser. I'm gonna put it out there - I found this skirt so dowdy it hardly registered that I was indeed, porter une jupe. 

It's practically an anti-skirt.

Add a mens knit, an op shop duster and your classic Reeboks.

Duster Coat - op shop, 3 yrs / Mens Knit - The Warehouse, 1 yr / Skirt - ASOS, 8 mths / Eyewear - Le Specs, 2 yrs / Trainers - Reebok Classics - 2 yrs

WORN || Option 2

Over on Fashion//Wise I created an outfit template I could refer to while I was purging my closet of the embarrassingly large amount of shit I didn't need.

By proxy, I had also decoded the simplistic formula I sub-consciously use to dress most days.


Here's an Option #2 for your winter-esque Monday.

Knit Jacket -Valleygirl / Tee - Calvin Klein Mens / DIY crop jeans - Levis Mens 511 / Boots - Wild Pair / Eyewear - Le Specs

The youngest item in this outfit is the T-shirt at 3 months old. Jeans are 4 years, boots are 3 years, and the jacket clocks in at 1 year old.

WORN // Neutrals

It's been too damn hot lately to wear my standard h-to-t black without melting  and experiencing third degree burns as the suns rays concentrate like laser beams on my thighs. Since the Kiwi summer has only just kicked in [late to the party much Mother Nature?] it's time to activate the 3% of the wardrobe that doesn't fall within the 'noir' to 'ink' to 'jet' colour descriptive. 

Extracted from the depths of the wardrobe [okay, okay the far right of the hanger-pole-bar-thingy but 'depths' sounds so dramatic, no?] I found a roomy top with bits missing in all the right places that lets my armpits breathe and allows a breeze to circulate the torso - anything to put a stop to 'summer skin' aka 'sticky moist grossness' and shorts to allow my melanin-free legs get some much needed vitamin D.

Just to keep it weird though, the shorts are a summer inappropriate leather and at a glance, resemble a pants-less version of myself.


Alexander Wang burlap trench + Loeil top + Witchery shorts + Dotti fedora + Le Specs eyewear + Kmart boots

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